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Zoe Rae Art

Beargrass Sticker

Beargrass Sticker

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Eight years ago my family and I went to Glacier National Park. It was an amazing trip getting to all be together for a week driving around the park in a Volkswagen camper van. To this day we still laugh about the memories and stories from that trip.

If you haven’t been find a way to go there ASAP cause it is gorgeous! While we were hiking around I kept seeing this plant that looked like cotton candy. Once I found out that it was called beargrass I kept waiting and hoping to see a bear eating it like cotton candy. To my dismay we later found out that even though it is called beargrass bears don’t eat it. My dreams were crushed.

When I told my sister that I was thinking of making this piece her being excited about it is an understatement. While this piece is not a bear eating beargrass it still brings me so much joy to now have a bear sitting in it. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does to my family and I. 

Made from a highly weather resistant, durable vinyl, your “Beargrass” sticker is dishwasher safe and protected from scratching, rain and sunlight. 2.6" x 3" made in the USA.

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